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Case Study

Sale of 282 stores: Uni-Mart, one of the largest chain of gas and convenience stores put 282 stores for sale to ethnic communities who are leaders in the gasoline and convenience store businesses:

•Indian •Pakistani •Bangladeshi •Arab •Korean •Russian

The agency was put to the challenge to raise awareness about the brand, which was non-existent outside of Pennsylvania and facilitate the closed-bid sale of all locations within 3 months.

A quick campaign of brand awareness was created and released around the Indian and Pakistani Independence Day using popular print media in the Northeast.

The agency in the interim facilitated “closed-group” sales of over $1 million to members of the business community.

Between September and November, a national and regional specific campaign was released consisting of:

•Print (over 100 ads) •Television (over 1000 spots) •Radio (over 1000 spots) •Direct mail (10,000) •Literature drop offs at stores (50,000 postcards) •Online (1,000,000 impressions) •Public Relations (over 20 radio interviews, 10 television interviews, 30 + press articles)

The focus was to get potential buyers to call in for more information, attend “How to Buy” Seminars and order the “Property Specific Packages” for bidding.

An astounding response came in. Over 10,000 people called in for brochures, over 3,000 people attended seminars, and a successful bid process was initiated in December.


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